Thursday, August 31, 2006

Whinging poms

Somebody just send me an email (Cinders for those of you that know him) and mentioned he'd had a look at this site and commented "don't you winge a lot?" and then proceeded to ask if he could have a spot here!

Anyway, I had a brief recap of posts and he's right, the majority of them are whinges, so just to try to redress the balance here are a few current things that make me happy:

- The Deli On The Green - yummy pate's and cheeses
- Socialising with friends old and new - the party last month was excellent (at least it was for me)
- My new DVD player -finally my photo DVD's paly without skipping.
- Shelley talking at a very loud volume coz she's playing with the new toy (mp3 player) at the same time

OK there's always the thought of how lucky I am to live where I do, in the style I do, and with the freedoms I enjoy, but this post is about little specifics that lift life. So please add in the comments things that currently make you smile and add to you happiness.

PS Carry on posting whinges though as that's part and parcel of what pub talk is all about!

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CaroleB said...

Lots of things make me happy too:

Every morning I wake up and smile because I don't have to go to work ever again.

I love my husband and daughter and am happy because we've survived everything that life and people have thrown at us over the last few years. We got through it all and are happier than ever. The bas***ds didn't grind us down.

I love my year old labrador Harry. He is so enthusiastic about life that you can't help but be happy around him.

Like Dave I love living where I do and can walk out of the door and staight into the hills.

I love my studies, am thoroughly enjoying my degree, and have a wonderful personal library - reading is my great passion.

I'm very happy to have made some firm friends over the last few years (including Dave & Shelley) as well as new friends through my studies and Mental Health work. Most of all I love the lack of bitchiness and backstabbing in the circles I now move in.

In many ways my life is now perfect (if only I had my youth and health back).

Cinders would certainly bring a new perspective to this blog!

Now enough ofthis Waltons thing and back to whingeing it's much more fun and therapeutic too.