Wednesday, December 16, 2009

British Airways

I'm off on holiday this Christmas... thank goodness I'm not flying with BA. Even so I have to say the union do seem to have their heads in clouds without any need to get on an airplane. Why haven't the unions got it into their heads that if they bring down the company, they'll lose their jobs. If they cost the company millions during the strike action, there's even less assets to meet their demands and BA management would have to economise even more which will impact their jobs even more that the current proposals. If I've got things right there are no proposed pay cuts, just a pay freeze on the levels that are already twice what Virgin staff are paid for doing the same job. They are being asked to work some flights with one less cabin crew, where Virgin already run a similar flight with 2 less, and the senior cabin crew are being asked to actually serve passengers!!! My God, you don't mean they will actually have to work for the money they earn? Again senior Virgin cabin crew already serve passengers on their flights.
And the message that the unions sent to their members? "One ruined Christmas will be forgotten very quickly, but the benefits will be with you for the rest of your career". I paraphrase a little, but that was the message. I think if they ever had any public sympathy, it's going to quickly evaporate with statements like that.
Living in an area where the average wage before the collapse of places like Corus Steel was about £14k, I would say to the BA cabin crew who are already on twice that and extremely well paid for their industry:
"Get your f***ing heads out of your arses and stop your pathetic complaining."
You're lucky to still have your jobs. You're lucky to be paid the high wages you get. You're lucky to have working conditions better than other companies even if BA management do get their changes through"
Rant over.