Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Spike vs. Angel

Is it just me, or should Spike have been the one to get his own spin off rather than Angel?

Monday, February 12, 2007

Bits of News

Well Cinders is back out in the far east and having an affair with his new motorbike (see picture) which he refers to as "the best ride of his life", and I'm about to have my first session in a 6 week archery course for beginners. That starts on Wednesday which appropriately enough is St Valentines day (don't forget the cards fellas - the ladies seen to get upset if you don't say "I love you!" with cardboard) so Shelley and I will be competing with Eros for arrows for a few hours that night. The instructor said the first lesson is free as it's a chance for us to decide if it's worth continuing and a chance for them to decide if they wish to continue teaching us. Apparantly they have only refused one person who, when asked why he wanted to take up archery said, " I want to shoot small furry animals!". [ So I'm keeping my mouth shut :-) ]
At least the snow has gone (for those of you that had to travel in it of course) and hopefully days are getting longer. Roll on Spring & Summer

Friday, February 02, 2007

New Blogger

Some off you may have noticed that Blogger have teamed up with Google, and they have been encouraging people to start using a Google account to sign in. I have succumbed to this which unfortunately means anyone wanting to post on any of my sites will also have to start using a Google account.
The good news is that blogger will guide you through the process when you next try to sign on, and your Google account can just be you own email address, so you won't have to think up another unique ID name or anything like that. Sorry for the inconvenience.