Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul

...otherwise known as finally realising that winter is here. I know November is officially an Autumn month, but this morning was the first time this year it actually registered that it's still dark outside when I got up. And to be honest it's now almost 10am and hasn't got much brighter. I think this time of year I'd really like a job that was an evening shift, sort of 4pm to midnight, then I could sleep from midnight to mid morning and at least get out and enjoy what light there is in a day. Still, spare a though for those in alaska I guess who only see a smudge of twilight at this time of year for a few hours a day.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Change to comments

I've added a word verification step to posting comments onto the site in order to reduce spam comment posts. It means you'll have to interpret the text displayed and type it back in before you can post your comment.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Favourite Lyrics

Dave, following on from earlier blog of yours about not actually sitting down and listening ( properly ) to music anymore. I have found myself in the same position, but tonight I have actually just sat and listened to about two hours of favourite tracks, with headphones all be it, so couldn't actually get my lungs rattling with the bass, but it was good to get totally lost in the lyrics. One of my favourites, Paul Weller, Changingman.
"The more I see, the more I know."
"The more I know, the less I understand."
Genius, wish i'd thought of it.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

PC Gone Mad!

Sorry time for another alcohol fueled rant, well this is supposed to be a virtual pub is it not.?

Apparantly some school is not allowed to server turkey as an xmas lunch for the kids.
well they have to go for the more muslim friendly dish so as not to upset our non Christian kids. Also overhearing a conversation in a supermarket its now not possible to buy a nativity scene for Christmas in the local area.

Sorry but as the Majority religion in this country perhaps we should insist on the serving of pork during Yom Kippur or gorging during Ramadan, why should we not be able to celebrate our religious holidays how we want and not have to be dictated to by the MINORITY groups in this country.

There's going to be one hell of backlash shortly which will make the crusades look like an espisode of the magic roundabout.
The number of protest votes for the BNP will go balistic, this is exactly how Nazi Germany started.!!!!