Friday, December 28, 2007

Don't taunt the kids....

Occasionally I've mentioned to my wife that it's counter productive to rush outside when you her the stones thrown against the window as once the kids who throw those stones know you react then it's more likely that they will continue. Similarly, to have a go at youths "up to mischief" is now also becoming frowned upon as in many occasions knives and guns are produced and people end up injured or dead. It's a sad state of affairs, but unfortunately a situation that we have to live with.
However the much sadder affairs of state now see our illustrious leader, Gordon Brown, having another pop at terrorists in Pakistan - a country now pretty much destabilised and rather significantly, one that possesses nuclear weapons. I'm sure you can see the parallel here - the kids may be about to have something a little more destructive than stones to throw at our windows!
Perhaps if we stopped getting involved so much in foreign affairs and concentrated a bit more effort on sorting out our own society we'd all have a safer world to live in.