Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wine Alert

One of the best wines I've had in recent months was the Hardy's Nottage Hill. They do a few wines under this label but the particular one I liked was the Shiraz Tempranillo variety which is a shame as the one normally on offer is the Cab. Sav. version. However it's my lucky day as Tesco have knocked £1.70 off the price at the moment so it's down to £5.49 until Feb 3rd.
Now I know this still isn't cheap, but if you like the rich, heavy reds that have loads of fruit and throw in a bit of choccy charm then this is a really good wine at a reasonable price while the offer is on. I got 3 more in today, but I'm very tempted to go down and buy a full case to fill in a worryingly large amount of gaps in my wine rack ("Good Lord, Jeeves! We're under 20 bottles left! Has the world come to an end?").

Anyway, if it's of interest, he's the link to it on the Tesco site. And remember there's another 5% off for six bottles or more with any wine you buy which makes it about £5.22.....

....honest I'm not getting back handers from Tesco. :)