Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World Cup Frenzy!

Most of you will know that I'm not the most enthusiastic of football supporters, but even I can happily sit in the good ol' Swan for a few pints and watch England snatch defeat (or at best a draw) from the jaws of victory. So I thought I'd throw my two penneth worth into the melting pot on a couple the topics high up in the World Cup forum of debate.
Firstly that goal that was just a tad upsetting. Poor old Mr Green has been much chastised by the fans with many a statement such as "my grandmother could've saved that!" or "You bas***, wan***, sh**-faced rotten excuse of a fu**ing goalie!". But to redress the balance for my poor namesake, think on that a goalie just has to make a single mistake and he finds himself in this unenviable position of the nations pet hate. Watching the rest of the game it occurred that the same venom doesn't seem to get directed at all the strikers who make mistake after mistake in poorly judged crosses or shots on goal that might have well have been aiming for the stadium roof. These catalogs of mistakes seem to be ignored, but alas the goal keeper's single slip is likely to stay with him the rest of his life.
Secondly, the vuvu...well, the plastic trumpety thing! Yes it's an annoying drone in the background, but is it any more so than a thousand fans chanting "duh, duh d'duh" to the tune of Pig Bag? Only you can decide. However, the point is that this aggravating horn seems to be the South African national way of celebrating the sport, so really it's a bit of a case of "tough luck" - we're guests in their country, so it's up to them how they run things. However in the other direction though....back here in blightly, if that kid outside my house doesn't pack it in soon with that bloody trumpet, I'm gonna ram it somewhere the sun don't shine!!!