Friday, June 22, 2007

I can't stand the rain / against my window....

...or more aptly against my conservatory roof!

The Tuesday before last those nice men from Blazes came round to install a new gas fire. So we had to empty the living room and since then we've been living in the conservatory as it is a truth universally acknowledged that any room in posession of a new fireplace must be in want of a decorating! Not that I'm complaining about the decorating. As usual most of it is being done by Shelley as I'd only get in the way, so I can't exactly winge about the hard work. The only problem is the timing. Since I work from home, and am now working in the conservatory I've had a week of the rain clattering on the plastic roof and it becoming a bit like chinese water torture - it's worse than being in a tent in the rain!
Still, I can always hope that the roof manages to leak on the TV and result in a nice insurance claim followed by a new HD one! :)

Thursday, June 07, 2007


In case anyone is interested there's a description of our last holiday at
The hotel we stayed at did have the cutest cats...

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Madeleine McCann - one month on

Having got back off holiday at the weekend I was both sadened to see that poor little Madeleine has not been found and surprised that the story is still in the media thanks maily to the efforts of the parents to keep the profile high, even a month after her disappearance.

I do feel sorry for both the missing girl and her parents who must be going through such pain at the moment, but I must say I am a little surprised that the media seems to be only briefly skirting round the issue that these parents are guilty of neglect - they left their young children in the aparment with no supervision, while they went out to enjoy themselves. Unless you are close enough to hear a cry and be there within a few seconds (and I mean 10 or so not a minute or so), then you are being negligent. When the Portugeuse media suggested this, our news machine seemed all to keen to report how uncaring that news item was, carting out all sorts or indignant relatives to say how disgraceful it was to suggest the McCann's were anything other than the most loving of parents.

But the fact remains, Madeleine would in all probability still be with them, had her parents looked after her properly. I'm not suggesting any lack of love for their child, but they made a big mistake, and put their own comfort before their daughter safety. Nor am I suggesting that it's their fault Madeleine was taken. No, blame lies squarely with the abductor. But, by ignoring the responsibility to their children that the McCanns failed in, or suggest it is wrong to question their behaviour, is to somehow validate this neglect, when the lesson that needs to be learnt from this sad occurance is that it is not OK to leave your kids alone while you go out to play. If you want to take the children with you on holiday, look after them. If you want a calm relaxing one leave them at home with relatives or trusted friends.

Or, like a couple I saw when in Cala San Vincente, ensure you book a room right next door to a relaxing restaurant and take a baby monitor with you. They managed to enjoy a meal by themselves in a lovely beach side restaurant, but at the same time could hear what was going on in there room, could see the door into their room, and could physically be in their room within 10 seconds of anything that worried them.

Do I think they should be punished for this neglect? No, certainly not - they are being punished more than enough already, and it will not help Madeleine one iota after the event. Should it be a lesson for other parents - Yes - stop thinking "oh, it'll be all right" - just like the could be you...or your child.

Don't get me wrong, I sincerley wish for Madeleine's safe return and hope that she and her family will be reunited. As such please take a moment to vist the official website below and see if there is anything you can do to help.