Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sackings due at weather gremlin central after BH weekend balls up!

So, what happened over Easter? Sunshine and warm weather! Absolutely unheard of on a bank holiday weekend. We made the most of it with a few little trips out to Runswick Bay and Staithes and had a great time shooting arrows on the Sunday morning. Mixed in with this was The White Swans Beer & Cheese festival all weekend which warranted a couple of visits Laughing Leprachaun winning my vote as a delicious porter (even if some of the locals thought it was a bit girlie compared to the pubs own Black Porter) and Atlas Brewerys Three Sisters on the more traditional Ale front was leading the pack too. On the cheese front Oxford Isis (a soft creamy one) and Crabtree ( a firmer Italian Alpine style cheese dipped in brine, that comes from a farmhouse cheese maker in Cheshire) got my attention as very tasty cheeses that Id not come across before, and there was lots of the old favourites (Munster, Lincolnshire Poacher, Shropshire Blue etc.) to complement the Ales too.

We also went to see the Goodies on Stage in Darlington on Easter Saturday, although Bill Oddie was only present on a pre-recorded video on a big TV screen that was scripted to interact with Graham Garden and Tim Brooke-Taylor on stage. All in all a great evening of nostalgia, plus a few clips of the earlier work the guys did for the BBC that Id never seen.

By Monday when the clouds started to come over I think we were ready for a lazy day watching the telly.

But wasnt it nice to keep thinking for several days on the trot, It feels like Sundaybut, no, I dont have to go to work tomorrow! great feeling!