Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Law, Order and Intel

I was quite looking forward to the new Law & Order UK series, not because of the previous US version as I'd never seen it, but reading the blurb in TV magazines etc, it just looked interesting, and having watched the first one, after a little while to get used to the whistle-stop style of telling the story thought it was rather good....except for one thing that makes me rather loathe to continue watching. Each time the scene changes from one location to another, the screen goes black and text is displayed to tell you when and where the action of the next scene takes place. Now this isn't unusual in itself and is used on many shows I watch and enjoy. No, the problem on this particular show is the use of "chimes" as if to alert you to the fact you should be reading the message! It's only marginally less annoying that the Intel jingle that every computer advert has to include if it mentions an Intel processor, and is kind of like trying to watch a TV show while some mobile phone in the room is constantly receiving text messages. Please ITV, cut out the chimes, and you've got a good show.