Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Pleasures of Travel

I like travelling, and normally even when it's just travelling for work, but today I'm particularly enjoying he fact that for once I'm not doing it in my car but have taken the train. As I write I'm travelling back from London on the Grand Central service that although only operate a few trains seems all very civilised. I'd forgotten just how much more comfortable it is to be able to relax as you hurtle about. In the car your consentrating too much on driving and on the plane the seats are so cramped and uncomfortable that you're yearning to get off by the end. This trip is longer than it should be as we're on a detour via Lincoln due to the ever present engineering works, but I've got free internet access, a power point so my laptop battery doesn't run out, plenty of room to stretch my legs out and if I weren't travelling alone even gaming boards (chess, cluedo and monopoly) inlaid on the table for which you can either bring your own pieces or buy little tra vel sets from the buffet car.

If only it were a little cheaper I'd probably use it a lot more. And for a bit of a political comment on it all, I say, lets re-nationalise it and pump some public money back into public transport....but that's another debate.