Friday, June 22, 2007

I can't stand the rain / against my window....

...or more aptly against my conservatory roof!

The Tuesday before last those nice men from Blazes came round to install a new gas fire. So we had to empty the living room and since then we've been living in the conservatory as it is a truth universally acknowledged that any room in posession of a new fireplace must be in want of a decorating! Not that I'm complaining about the decorating. As usual most of it is being done by Shelley as I'd only get in the way, so I can't exactly winge about the hard work. The only problem is the timing. Since I work from home, and am now working in the conservatory I've had a week of the rain clattering on the plastic roof and it becoming a bit like chinese water torture - it's worse than being in a tent in the rain!
Still, I can always hope that the roof manages to leak on the TV and result in a nice insurance claim followed by a new HD one! :)


Old Growler said...

Following on from the subject of conservatories and water, the rain was 4 inches deep outside ours on sunday and about 1 inch away from coming inside. I spent a happy hour and half with a bucket a dustbin and a sack barrow moving over 400 litres to stop it flooding the conservatory.
Went onto screwfix direct website on sunday night now i've just got a massive f*ck off water pump with 30 feet of 1.5 inch hose. I've just tested it, removed 100 litres of water from my butt in 15 seconds.!!!
I feel a lot happier now, let it rain let it rain let it rain.!!!

GreedyGreen said...

The mind boggles at how you managed to get 100 lites of water into your butt in the first place! That's quite some enema!

Our conservatory walls did get a bit damp as the wind squeezed the rain in through the seals, but they seem to have dried out now and the wallpaper has returned to it's normal colour.