Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul

...otherwise known as finally realising that winter is here. I know November is officially an Autumn month, but this morning was the first time this year it actually registered that it's still dark outside when I got up. And to be honest it's now almost 10am and hasn't got much brighter. I think this time of year I'd really like a job that was an evening shift, sort of 4pm to midnight, then I could sleep from midnight to mid morning and at least get out and enjoy what light there is in a day. Still, spare a though for those in alaska I guess who only see a smudge of twilight at this time of year for a few hours a day.


Old Growler said...

I think we're designed to wake up when its light and go to sleep when its dark. Somehow artificial light doesn't quite convince the brain. At least we have a proper name for the winter blues now,
S.A.D. Seasonal Adjustment Disorder.
I wonder if there will be a C.A.D. Climate Adjustment Disorder.
or W.H.Y.
Winter Holiday Yearning.
or C.R.A.P.
Climate Re - Adjustment Psychosis

Time to go listen to Mr.Cohen now i feel.

[Dave this verification step is gonna be real fun after a few beers.
I can hardly read it now.!]

Anonymous said...

Ron used to love his 4 til midnight shift, he got a lot done during the day in winter. Now he expects the student-housewife to do it instead, to no avail.