Friday, August 04, 2006

Kick off

So this is my first ever blog. Lets go straight in at the deep end - the government can't win here can it? I'm not supporting any particular viewpoint but they got so much grief for going into Iraq and now are getting the grief for not getting involved enough in the Isreal/Lebanon thing. I say Tony - fuck off on holiday and stuff the lot of them. perhaps after two week in the sun you might have thought of somethng constructive to say.


Old Growler said...

Well of course, yes well err.
(Smile) err, yes, well ( Smile )

[Flame,flame,flame. Mike K.]

CaroleB said...

We needn't worry though we've got John P in charge or is it John R. Mr P must be too busy polishing his balls (croquet of course) to run the country.

Old Growler said...

Jonh P. AKA. Fat Boy Fat AKA. The Thug.
What exactly has he done in the past, other than acting as the unions puppet in the government.

As far as i know he's only ever had two ideas in his political life.

1. Lets punch that nice man who was only trying to feed him an egg on the run.

2. Lets set up regional assemblies. We kicked that one right out.

Oh yeah sorry forgot no 3.

Lets **ck her.
Instead of the country.

Mike K.

GreedyGreen said...

Mmmm...I guess John P ain't too popular then...