Saturday, August 05, 2006

Over the hill

I hit 40 last week with a bit of a bash in the back garden. The enevitable question is always asked of "Do you feel older then?" to which I answer "actually no I don't" with that quizical expression on my face to try and convey that I somehow ought to for some reason. Strange really, as to date nobody I know that has passed through a 40th birthday has ever suddenly felt older. However I have to admit that as this first week of 40 something progresses there are the glimerings of "signs of the times". For instance, this morning I think is the first time in my life where I've walked down the stairs holding onto the railing and actually think about it at the time - "best hold on 'coz I don't want to trip and kill myself now". No worries though - if I did trip it'd probably only be a hip that needs replacing!

As to having a mid life crisis, this picture of me at the party certainly shows that I should be having one.


CaroleB said...

Great party Dave. As always you andShelley are excellent hosts. Will send the pics I took soon.


GreedyGreen said...

Glad you enjoyed it and looking forward to seeing your photos!