Thursday, August 17, 2006

Quiz Nights

I have a feeling that this blog page might just end up as a place for me to rant. Went out to the pub last night for a (all to rare) evening catching up with an old mate. It's the only pub within a sensible walking distance and when we arrived it was a little busier than you'd expect for a Wednesday night but the footie was on so fair enough - we found a table at the opposite end of the pub to the TV so we could chat easily. But straight after the footie ends they start with the pub quiz - which I don't mind in principle but why do they have to be so loud? It was just impossible to talk at all - we might as well have been in a night club. I say pubs should have to section off an area for those activities that can't be ignored if you're there, and leave another section of the pub for people who just want to come down their local for a pint in peace.

Totally impractical, I know. But it just pissed me off that the one night set aside going out and sinking a few jars with a mate gets trashed by 400db of quiz master voice.

Rant over :-)


Old Growler said...

Yep totally agree, I was that mate.
With hearing already trashed from loud music and my lip reading skills negligable its difficult enough hearing in pubs anyway, but with that racket going on it was impossible.

Mike K.

GreedyGreen said...

And is it just me who has this "Old Git" DNA sequence that means any extraneous noise about and my brain just can't focus on any individual voice. Hence I'm constantly saying "What?"