Saturday, August 05, 2006


Are they a consequence of original sin? I'm sorry but in my view 4 limbs is plenty for any lifeform - I mean snakes get away with none. So I go out for a pleasant walk in the countryside today and after a few hours of having the flies dive bomb my ear I was starting to feel like winter couldn't come soon enough, but then the final track back to the carpark seemed to be a mass breeding ground for some flying ant like creature and they are swarming all over me. The end result is as I try to swat frantically about my head to keep them out of my ears and eyes, my wedding ring goes flying off into the heather never to be found again. Bugger!


Shelley Green said...

mmmm ...what can I years to come some strange little hobbit may be fighting over this little ring with a futuristic little man called gollam !!! Ah the wedding ring is off, does this mean we are not married?? woo Mr Clooney were are you ????

CaroleB said...

Not long after we were married, Ron lost his ring a mile under ground in the mines of Moria (sorry I mean Boulby). Perhaps you're right this is really how it all started.

Clooney, Depp, sigh!

GreedyGreen said...

Tshk! Typical - I lose a ring and it's marriage over! Can't you at least wait until next year and the official 7 year itch sets in? :-)