Saturday, May 05, 2007

Pinot Noir - "I'm leaving if they choose Merlot! I'm not drinking f**** Merlot!"

Tesco finest Malborough Pinot Noir from New Zealand is a great buy at the moment at £6.99(save £3.00 in their wine sale). Of course I'm only trying it because I've just watched Sideways (those of you who have, will understand), but I must admit I'm quite surprised. I'm normally a good, heavy Shiraz drinker and like a red wine that takes hold of your taste buds the same way the Ebola virus take hold of your internal organs, but this is a very elegant wine at only 13.5% (which for me who averages 14.5 and 15% wines normally, is fairly weak) and flows across the tongue with a much thinner consistancy that your average Shiraz and to start with you think it's a tad watery, but all the flavours of the pinot grape then have a chance to get to you and you get a really complex set of tastes. At this point I should start using allsorts of words to do with summer berry varieties, tobacco, tar, plum and spices to numerous to mention, but to be honest trying to remember back to last night when I sank the bottle involves remembering back through the other bottle of french shite that I drank after it, so I haven't the foggiest exactly what those flavours were, but I can remember thinking it was bloodly good wine with an elegant and complex character and I must get some more. So for those of you who are now thinking "what a complete snobby tosser!" - why are you still reading this? And for those of you who like a drop of the red stuff and are happy to take a recomendation for something a little different, get down to Tesco before I clean them out! Red label and on the top shelf - I have to say that even at the sale price of £7 this is still an expensive wine compared to what I normally pay, but while these bottles that are normally a tenner and over are reduced, it's an ideal time to see if they are worth the extra.

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GreedyGreen said...

And would you believe it - the only had 4 left when I went back