Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Holidays with Mum

When did you last go on holiday with your parents? 12? 16? 18?.....try 40! I took a week out before Easter to pop over to the Costa Del Sol with my mother as I just thought it'd be a nice relaxing week. To say it was a slower paced holiday than normal might be under stating somewhat - far from spending my time windsurfing and paragliding, it was a novel experience to walk fast at any point in the week....and steps were to be avoided. This is not a complaint I hasten to add, for a) as most of you who know me will have already realised, windsurfing and paragliding normally take second place to sitting in a bar with a drink when I'm on holiday anyway, and b) with todays rather frantic lifestyle surely it's good for the health to slow down completely once in a while.
So we pottered about Nerja (lovely town that hasn't been anywhere near as spoilt as much of the Costa) from bar to bar (cup of tea? etc.) and drove about the countryside to Ronda and Alhambra (although due to a lack of foresight on the booking tickets front drove straight back for Alhambra without going in) at a pace far more consistant with the mediterranean lifestyle.
One thing there is to be said about taking a holiday with your mother later on in life is you tend to find out a whole lot more about your family history than you do when visitin gat home. In the UK there's always someone else about, so you don't tend to talk as openly - not that I'd say I learnt any family secrets or skeletons, just that you get on to topics that just don't come up as much at home. I never knew for instance that my father worked the dredgers in the solent after he left the Navy - not particularly interesting in itself, but for me it's nice to build up a better picture of my own family.

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