Wednesday, September 27, 2006

LOST - Season Finale

So LOST season 2 came to a conclusion last night. Well, I say came to a conclusion but as has been the style of US primt time drama series for a while now, it just ended with some bigger cliff hangers than any episode within the season.

I know the idea is to leave you desperate to see the next season, but this is really beginning to bug me now. Lost is a probably the worst exaple of this in that pretty much nothing ever gets explained about whats going on at all. If I didn't know that Shelley will be eager to see season three as soon as it comes out, I think I'd prefer to wait for a decade until the show gets cancelled and then catch up on it all then. To take that to the logical conclusion I must decide at what age I should stop watching any shows until they are cancelled for fear of dying before I find out how the plot ends up!

A further gripe on this trend, is that invariably when a show does start losing it's popularity and the execs decide it's time to call it a day, the writers then have to think of how to wrap it all up quickly. In a show like LOST where almost everything thats happened needs explaining, it means that trying to wrap it all up in a couple of episodes is likely to leave everyone feeling "great show...but wasn't the ending crap?"

The whole thing makes me wonder if any of the writers actually know themselves whats going on in the plot. Do they just create lots of questions and hope they can write a convincing explanation later on?

Anyway, thank goodness for DVD full season Boxsets! I've just started on Buffy as that show has ended in the nice knowledge that I can see the whole thing from start to finish and not be left hanging.


Anonymous said...

I feel exactly the same way. I loved Invasion earlier in the summer. It also finished on a cliffhanger and despite a good audience rating they have decided to cancel it, so not even a crap ending, just no ending at all.

Wish me luck, today is the first day of my full-time degree!


GreedyGreen said...

I do as I'm told so....Good luck with the degree!

I think where shows get cancelled there should be some legal requirement to publish an official "how the story should have gone" post somewhere. Although there's no major cliffhangers, there were themes that were left hanging in "Ded Like Me" which we'll never know about after it was cancelled after season 2.

NB hope you don't mind Carole, but I deleted your duplicated comment.