Thursday, September 21, 2006

Green Virgin

Today's big news in my mind is Richard Branson promising the next 10 years of profit from his planes and trains businesses (some 3 billion dollars) to reducing global warming.

And STILL the green lobby say "he could do more"!!! Can't people for once just say "Thank you, Richard". I can't actually think of any other occasion when a massive corporation has shown such a vast commitment to a "good" cause. For years the greens have been complaining that the greedy corporates don't give anything back, and now one of them does something massive and all they can do is complain that it's not enough. Well fuck off you ungrateful bastards.

I think the Virgin announcement challenges us all as it's been too easy to say "It'll take the government and corporations to make a real change". Well now a big corporation is making a difference, so how about all of us doing our bit too - even if it is just not overfilling the kettle, turning off the TV overnight rather than leaving it on standby, etc.


CaroleB said...

Ron is much better at conservation tham me. He switches everything off overnight, puts minimal water in the kettle, doesn't leave the tap running when brushing his teeth, recycles where possible etc. I try but don't always succeed. IT can be too easy to leave things on for convenience sake. Still I did turn the power off everything in the study when we went on hols the other week. I'll try to be a good girl from now on Dave, promise.

GreedyGreen said...

Or as an inspired Fosters advert once say, we can "put your feet up, enjoy the sunshine and open another bottle of the amber nectar!"