Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Organic oppression

I have always been a little sceptical about the whole organicly grown vegatables issue, mainly as I'm in two minds about whether I would prefer a controlled amount of chemical fertiliser spread on my vegatables as they are grown or just lumps of cow shit thrown all over them. However I can totally understand the marketing of organic produce as many will not want to fill their bodies with "fake" chemicals etc.
Similarly I can understand the idea of fair trade for items like coffee and clothing so people can buy their products in the safe knowledge that the masses haven't been oppressed in the far corners of the world to provide cheap stuff for us.
What confused me on this weekends trawl around the shops following my wife was to spot a clothes shop selling T-shirts made from "organically grown cotton". Is this just trying to jump on a modern PC world conciencious shopper bandwagon? How can growing cotton organically make clothes any safer to wear or give any better pay or conditions to the producers? Or are todays shoppers really going to pay extra as "it's organic, it must be better". It did amuse me.

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