Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas has arrived early

Those that know me, also know I have a compulsive addiction. Panic not - it's not heroine or alcohol or sex (well, let's ignore that last one) but the thankfully slightly less expensive habit of having to upgrade my camera all the time. I reckon it's probably about once a year which in turn probably makes each photo I take cost about £5 a shot, but there you go...these cruel manufacturers keep coming out with another model that I simply must have!
Hence my Christmas present to me this year is the new Fuji Finepix HS10 which sports an enormous (yes you can read in penis extension if you want) 30x optical zoom with a manual barrel twist which makes framing a shot so much easier than when it's linked to motors to zoom in and out. OK my camera may now be the size of the average satellite NASA launches, but it's my new baby! :)


Unknown said...

Ever thought about a high-end digital SLR? Then you can treat yourself to different lenses every now and again... 8 D

GreedyGreen said...

The DSLRs don't have any where near the zoom range (without being the size of a bazooka) that the bridge cameras I go for do. And when I've had an SLR in the past, I know I just can't be arsed to carry the extra lens with me. So for me the bridge camera is my ideal compromise between quality and convenience.

Anonymous said...

Great blog but you probably ought to know the difference between heroin (a femme fatale) and heroine (a nasty drug) or is that the other way round?
Cheers Thom Loveless (