Monday, November 05, 2007

Russell Howard

I don't get out much - that's not a complaint, it's just a statement of fact. Even at 18 when I was first going (legally) into pubs I was only ever happy if there was somewhere to sit down with my pint and it was quiet enough to chat. So now in my 40's I'm positively comatose on an evening out. Consequently it's quite exciting the odd time when I do specifically go out to any kind of event. Last Friday was an evening at the Darlington Arts Centre and the stand-up routine of Russell Howard, probably most famous for being a regular on "Mock the Week". Now I was all excited, not only because it's the first time I've been out to a "gig" since Maximus Decimus Meridius fought Commodus at the Coliseum, but also because I like the guy's quirky sureal sense of humour.
Anyway, to cut a long story short, the evening was absolutely hilarious, so if you can still find any tickets for his tour I would very much recommend laying your hands on them. Sadly I have the memory of a goldfish so cannot actualy recount any of his routine for you here, (on the upside that probably means he won't sue me for breach of copyright though), but needless to say he had me and the rest of the audience in far more stiches that anyone who uses the term "Sleepy-time" to mean "going to sleep", should ever be able to do.


Competitons said...

My friend is his big fan.He really like his comedy.He told me about him a few days back.There for I am looking online his some videos.He is good:) .

Competitions said...

Although Russell Howard is new to comedy relatively,But he is doing so good.I like him very much.