Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Next size up!

I had an hour or so to kill today while waiting for a job to be finished at work, so I spent the time having a browse at some nearby shops. One of them was Next. Now I've never been a small lad when it comes to the odd bit of puppy fat, and it has to be said that my waistline is only marginally smaller than my age. In fact by a strict BMI index rating I'm considered obese. However, there's a lot of other men in the same boat in this country, as the constant 'stoutist' media coverage confirms, so one would think that clothing shops would want to have the money from us fatties too. But it seems that Next must have an something against the rounder individual, as out of all the pairs of trousers in the suit area of the shop there was only one single pair that had a 40 inch waist! So on top of the prospect of being denied medical treatment (lots of room there for another rant in another post) I'm also now not allowed to dress smartly?
And remember that's just a 40 inch waist. This is not the morbidly obese category that requires two seats on an airplane or has issues with turnstiles. So I have to wonder if the policy of Next is to ensure the overeight can't get a decent pair of trousers to increase their social stigma in a perverse attempt to shame them into losing weight?
Well, I'm afraid this fatty is back to M&S where they still make clothes for all shapes and sizes!
..and some really nice multi-pack custard donuts! :)

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