Sunday, October 07, 2007

Good News at the White Swan!

Went back down to The White Swan for a few jars last night, and I had also been interested to find out if Ash did carry on working as the barmaid there now that the new owners have taken over. So I got myself a pint of Consett Red Dust (a guest beer for the night) which was very pleasant indeed while Shelley has a Slimming world Vodka and Diet Coke (you can get 4 of those for 10 sins as opposed to just the 2 glasses of wine, don't you know), and I spotted Ash on the other side of the bar....I mean our side, the punters side! So I started to wonder if she'd packed it in after all. But then I noticed she'd moved about and was talking to someone else and I thought "Hang on a minute, she's got that 'landlady' look about her".
Sure enough it turns out that although Ash could raise the capital to buy the place (as I'm sure she would have had first refusal from June), it seems she's got the next best thing and the new owners have given her the managers job.
And from the grin on her face when we spoke to her, I think she's more than happy with the situation.
Good on yer, Ash! I'm sure you'll do very well.

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