Sunday, September 23, 2007

Shirley Valantine reborn

I'm out in Greece at the moment enjoying a long looked forward to holiday in Parga. As is our want, Shelley and I quite often have to watch Shirley Valantine a little while before going in order to get more in the mood, so much of the film is still fresh in my mind. All the more bought to the fore by the conversation I had at the bar last night with a couple who "usually go to Spain". I have to say it took a lot of control not to laugh out loud as they complained that their accomodation is "a bit basic" as, woe upon woes, the shower did not have a hook in the wall! "How are you supposed to wash your hair like that? And I suppose a toaster is out of the question?"
Sadly, my dear, yes, a toaster is very much out of the question...

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