Sunday, September 23, 2007

Confident take off

I'm currently on my outbound flight for my holiday to Greece having got off the ground after a short delay. What amused me was the message from the Captain while we waited to explain: "I'm sorry for the delay but due to the weather, the airport has invoked poor visibilty proceedures which is slowing us down a bit, and there's been some debris found on the runway which needs to be cleared before we can continue". Now to me the word "debris" being used when waiting on an airliner is not a particularly comforting one. It invokes thoughts of "bits of plane" - not a good thought when you'd really prefer the planes to stay in a single piece. I just have the feeling that the more nervous passenger's brain was busy translating the pilot's message thus: "I'm sorry for the delay but as it's really foggy the plane in front has crashed trying to take off, so we're just waiting for the wreckage to be cleared off the runway and we'll have a bash at it, OK?"

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