Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Devil take your arithmatic!

As I looked at my blog site today it struck me that I've now had 666 hits on the blog - the number of the beast. But it turns out that the famous quote in revelation "six hundred threescore and six" [King James Version or some such] is translated from the three Greek letters "χξς" that represent the number 666, and in some texts it's written as "χις" which in fact adds up to 616. Other texts refer to 665 too, so given that it's "he who has wisdom" that can calculate the number of the beast, it seems that a lot of these early biblical scolars weren't too wise at all as there seems to be a lot of answers to the same calculation. So definitely zero points for them as none of them even showed their working out...basic stuff for any schoolboy in a maths exam!

Still, it's all more work for the devil's tattoo artist as Damien comes back for a new head decoration depending what the current scholarly community think.

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Anonymous said...

The phrase "thou shalt not suffer a witch to live" in the bible was also inaccuratly translated. So, in this PC world where it's in vogue for nations and leaders to apologise for past misdemeanors it's time the Pope apologised for the Inquistion and the deeds of Kramer and Sprenger.