Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Cat Dragged In

Once upon a time my cat was very cute - just look at the picture of him with his late sister - but every since he stopped being a kitten (which is strange as "kitten" is still the pseudonym when calling him as he is now the size of the average snow leopard) he has become something of a crap-cat. His fur is always shedding, not just a bit, but bucket loads. Even in the depths of winter there are clumps of white fur lying about all over the place. His ear tips are always black with oil where he's been crawling under cars. He drools and slobbers whenever you make the mistake of stroking him a little - often those nasty several inch long dangly dribbles that flail about from his chin. His eyes always have crud in the corners as he can't be arsed to wash his face. And he even sits with his head hunched down into his shoulders as if the weight is just too much to support. All in all he's fairly revolting, but he's still my cat and every once in a while he manages to look like a proper cat like now as he's curled up on a cushion on the floor asleep. He's peacefull and he's just had a brush so looks quite clean.

Shall I give him a stroke as he's looking cute? Best not.....It'll just start off the drooling again and the half squwark/excuse for a meow that's his ever present cry for more food. Best just let him sleep.

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