Saturday, November 25, 2006

Favourite Lyrics

Dave, following on from earlier blog of yours about not actually sitting down and listening ( properly ) to music anymore. I have found myself in the same position, but tonight I have actually just sat and listened to about two hours of favourite tracks, with headphones all be it, so couldn't actually get my lungs rattling with the bass, but it was good to get totally lost in the lyrics. One of my favourites, Paul Weller, Changingman.
"The more I see, the more I know."
"The more I know, the less I understand."
Genius, wish i'd thought of it.


Old Growler said...

Or Leonard Cohen's cut throat razor sharp wit.
"Democracy is coming......
to the USA."
Well not in our lifetime probably.

GreedyGreen said...

And still my favourite all time lyric is:

"I am the Harlequin,
Diamonded costume dripping shades of green.
I am the Harlequin,
Sense strangers violate my sancutary,
Prowl my dreams,
my dreams,
and they're my dreams,

Emerald Lies - Marillion

GreedyGreen said...

As to their meaning? Fuck knows! they just sound good!