Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Virtual White Swan

The Veil

Anyone else getting sick to death of this one.
The answers very simple.
Make it illegal for anyone, regardless of religion or race, to wear anything covering the face in public. Incuding motorcycle (helmets once your off the bike), veils and most of all Hoodies.

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GreedyGreen said...

Personally I don't think anything should be made illegal that is a matter of personal choice that does not effect other people's freedoms. So no the viel shouldn't be made ilegal, but yes it should be illegal to coerce someone into wearing one. In the same vein neither should wearing a hood or a cross or even sporting a very bad 80's hairstyle be made illegal.

Personally what need to happen is for people to stop being so self centered in thinking that what other's are wearing is a personal attack on them. Why can't we all stop being so over sensitive? If we continue to try to legislate fashion and symbolic identity for fear it may offend somebody, we continue down the path that has already stopped people placing a christmas card on their desk at work for fear of offending a muslim, or banning of the word "black" in some completely non race related uses.