Monday, October 30, 2006

Green on Green Issues again

A while ago I posted a topic on how I thought people should give ol' Dicky Branson a break as he at least is doing something about climate change. It was said that his donation of millions of pounds of profit to green issues was a bit suspect as the destination of those funds was another part of his own company that researches greener fuels etc. I still say, at least the money is being used for something that hopefully will have a positive effect.
Now compare that to the government's attempt to show a green face. For instance add about 17% on to airfares as a green tax. The story is that this will "tax" people out of the habit, but I think in the main people like their holidays too much, so the net result is that people are poorer, the government is richer and just as much airline fuel is used with the same carbon footprint. Meanwhile the government is patting itself on the back for promoting a green policy, when in fact they've just found a seemingly PC way to tax us some more.
What needs to happen is that all these taxes being proposed for airline fuel, 4x4 cars etc needs to be funnelled into projects that will actually fight climate change. How about it goes to fund further grants for people to install solar panels or wind power? Or how about give it all to Virgin Fuels so that they can find a low carbon alternative to airline fuel a bit quicker...

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