Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Why is it?

1. ... that no 0ne can ever give you a delivery time for dropping off goods at your house, but you're always last on the list anyway. Do the delivery men only carry one item (yours) and park up in a lay-by somewhere for the rest of the day eating pies, fish and chips, smoking, drinking tea and comparing the merits of various t**s in the red-tops, then at 4.50 pm they decide to deliver to you. By which time you can't phone the shop to say the goods are wrong or damaged. And when you finally contact them the person dealing with your order has just gone on a six-month trip to Siberia and no-one else knows anything about it!

2. The shops in Guisborough ran out of cabbages on Saturday. Cabbages! Do we now have a national cabbage day or have we had a sudden influx of eastern european migrants who haven't realised we sell other food.

3 And speaking of supermarkets why is it despite the fact that you go in for one item you always end up spending a minimum of £25, often more.

4. Why on Saturday night when large opposing gangs of youths from Guisborough and Middlesbrough decided to have a gang fight in the fields next to us did all of Cleveland's finest turn up on masse to deal with it but when anyone gets burgaled or their car broken into they're nowhere to be seen. Why didn't they just let the little darlings batter seven bells out of each other.

5. Why do the council give old people bus passes to let them travel from the estates to shop and then take away the buses because they're not making any money?

6. Why does the phone ALWAYS ring when you're on the loo.

7. Why do the cows in the field next to me always cr*p on the path and never in the rest of the field

8. Why, why, why.

Guess I'm particularly sour today



GreedyGreen said...

1. Working from home is ideal for taking in deliveries, but in a seemingly desperate bid to make it as difficult as possible, 9 times out of 10 they will wait until I am either a) out for 5 mins to put a letter in the post box or, b) on the one conferance call of the day.
2. Obviously Guisborough is more popular to eastern europeans, as the Coop in Stokesley had a whole trolley full of reduced for quick sale cabbages!

CaroleB said...

Or you've popped intothe field for 5 mins with the dog, see the dlivery van approach, try to run back before it drives off, slip on a cow pat and whilst trying to get up see opposing gangs rushing towards each other hurling half-price cabbages from the Coop at each other, whilst the Police dressed up as runner beans chase them.

It really happened. Honest.

Hmmmm, just as well I'm back at the Docs tomorrow.

Guisborough wants the cabbages back that the Coop stole from them!

GreedyGreen said...

If you're really quick there were still 3 or 4 cabbages left in the reduced bin this lunchtime!

CaroleB said...

The rest are back in Sainsbury's who mounted a covert operation on the coop on Monday night. Sadly they're back to full price now.