Sunday, August 20, 2006

Weekend Weather !!

Ok guys, here we go, Its the weekend again and guess what, the weather is pap!!

Why is it that during the week, lets face it when most of us work, the weather is reasonable fine, you know, its sunny and fairly warm, yet somehow, after 5pm Friday evening till Monday at 9am the weather becomes a monsoon season.

Is there a God up there that decides with his fellow cherubs, that dowsing us with rain, wind, thunder storms and tornados is a good sport for the weekend!!

Lets face it how many people went out on saturday with jeans and a t shirt and came back looking like a drowned rat.... or a contestant from a wet t shirt contest?

is it just me who feels that weekends are ruined by the dreadful state of the weather, there are only so many times you can go to the cinema without the ushers thinking you actually work there !!

Roll on winter at least then we can expect bad weather..... not august... come on the god of weather give us some sun!! So then we can all moan at how hot we are!!!



GreedyGreen said...

If it means more wet T Shirt competitions, then long may it continue to rain! (fnar, fnar)

Old Growler said...

If its any consolation its blowing a gale on the Costa Banca at the moment, er, except of course its 30 degrees.
I'm right behind the wet t-shirts by the way.
Worst August weather i can remember, still less people dying from barbecue poioning!.
Mike K.

Old Growler said...

Wish i could spell, thats poisoning.
Please excuse the smelling pistakes.

GreedyGreen said...

I wonder what the forecast is for the coming Bank holiday....oh look pissing down again....and look further sunshine forecast for the Tuesday!!!! Arrrgghhh!