Sunday, August 20, 2006

Saucy bits n pieces

It's your ol' mate George here from Kent and those London ICI days.
I thought I'd better start a heading on the sort of ol' b*llocks that we used to discuss in the pub - you, me , Kim and Caroline - you know, sex, men, relationships and all that shyte.

After spending a lazy Sunday morning hair removing, plucking (yes I did spell that right!), and getting paranoid enough to feel the need to give my hair a colour rinse to hide all but a dozen greys or so (and I'm not 40 yet for a couple of years) ... I wanted to ask you opinion on something that's come up in discussions in my house (my poor long suffering partner......)!
Having read an rticle in a girly magazine recently about how you men like their women to be hairless and particularly neat and trim down below, I wanted to look at the other side of the coin - male hairs. I brought the topic up whilst lazing in bed this am with the other half, asking him if he's ever give his own chuff a 'short back and sides' trim - only to be completely rebuffed with 'don't be so ridiculous' shot back. Maybe my timing wasn't good, Sunday am in bed, it's a shocker when your his age and not up with the modern world views in girly mags. I did comment that I supposed an ambush in his sleep with his beard trimmers wouldn't be a good idea, as would only end end tears (not to say only half the job done), the poor fella - the fear was palpatable and he then got up and decided to finish some kitchen tiling.
So it's left me hanging - should a man trim or not? What's your view?
I should also point out that I'd heard that a trimmed male chuff is rather a thrill for a woman. Is it therefore a thrill the other way round for the man - in the sensation front I mean (we'll leave the visuals to personal preference here) .....

As I was self waxing my legs with those awful sticky strips, trying not to let the cat dab them and trying not to get more wax left on my legs than on the strip itself ...... my man came up to the bathroom to see what on earth I was up to. At that point I offered to give him a ripping time, expecting the same curt rebuff. Instead, this said wax virgin, offered up the top of his arm/shoulder area - as he's just as vain really and has a few stragglers growing there that didn't used to be there .....
With glee I stuck one on him so quick, before he could change his mind, that he nearly jumped away from me. Ohh how he yelped - after I'd promised it really wasn't that painful. Having done one arm, of course the other needed doing! Also with all homecare kits - you always miss a few of the b*ggers. So once I'd started, he said I may as well do the rest, and the eyebrow tweasers came out.

Why can't all Sunday mornings be this much fun .....


GreedyGreen said...

Well, I have heard it said that when a bloke shaves off his "front garden" that it makes his dick look bigger, but for me a) obviously I have no need for this b) the itching as it starts to grow back is a big minus point and c) it's got to look fairly silly if the rest of my body stays a tad on the hairy side...

...and, no, no-one is attacking the rest of my body with the wax (a large and lucretive contract with a German S&M porn movie company not withstanding!)

GreedyGreen said...

I'd heard that a trimmed male chuff is rather a thrill for a woman. Is it therefore a thrill the other way round for the man

My guess here, although I've not made a study, is that the thrill for the woman is all about extra sensation of pricky bits contacting very sensitive bits. As most of a blokes sensitive bits are going to be on the inside while shagging I don't think it'd have the same effect. Of course you could have a shave, wait a couple of days for the shadow to appear and then get Rich to slap his dong a few times on your upper chuff stubble and ask him what he thinks? :-)