Saturday, August 19, 2006


Hi Dave and Shelley,

Just to say hello, I'm here and quite looking forward to your rants. I miss the deep and meaningful conversations at work on life, the universe, women and conspiracy theories!



GreedyGreen said...

Welcome in....and your already trying to get me started on the Moon Landings Conspiracy, I can tell.

Gemima Pippins said...

Well, this is a blog from your old mate George down in Kent, who misses those long and drunken, wine fueled discussions on sex, men, relationships, work and frankly just a load of other old b*llocks! Hi to Carole, whoever you are (Dave's an adorable nutter isn't he!?). Hi to Shell - keep him in check!

What I want to know is, what is the male view on trimming pubic hair. I read an article in a girly mag in which young men stated how important it is for us girlies to be hairless and especially tidy and neat down below. I've also read an article about men now following this trend and getting a 'short back a sides' so to speak. I can't remember where I got this next bit - but I'd heard that the prickly sensation of a trimmed man was a quite a thrill for us women!! Having spent a lazy Sunday morning on self leg waxing, and even persuading the man in doors (a wax virgin) to have some unsightly upper arm hair removed (oh how he yelped! hee hee), I failed to then persuade him on the merits of a trimmed chuff. If I get the electric beard trimmers out and attempt a secret ambush in his sleep, I just know it'll all end in tears - not least only half the job done!! Any advice?
PS I missed all the conspiracy theories stuff - did you just never talk about it all those years ago! Gx

GreedyGreen said...

The conspiracy thing all started at work after the FOX TV show that popularised the theory that the Americans never landed on the Moon, but instead pulled off an incredible hoax. Most of the evidence put forward for this I could discount of the cuff, but the guys at work suddenly found out that they could wind me up endlessly about it. Anyway for the arguements both ways check out the conpiracy sites on the LINKS page of (see link on the right of the blog)

GreedyGreen said...

Actually I lied - i've only got a link refuting the hoax theory.